Boonah Mowing and Spraying – Boonah and surrounding areas

Mowing Large Yards, Small Acreage

Boonah Mowing

Boonah Landscaping Mowing and Spraying – we specialise in mowing large yards and small acreages.

Our Zero Turn Mower has a 60″ cutting width to slash the time it takes to mow your block.

We can spray to keep on top of weeds that grow crazy with our gorgeous Queensland weather.

If your property is located in Boonah Kalbar, Roadvale, Aratula, Mt Alford, Carneys Creek, Moogerah, or surrounding areas – give Mike a call on 0408 823 537 to discuss your mowing requirements.


Get your Weekends back!

“Thanks for giving us back our weekends. It takes us 5 hours with our ride-on mower to mow
what you can do in 2 hours.”
Linda, Boonah

Looking after your lawn

A good lawn maintenance schedule will keep your lawn manageable and healthy. Leaving it too long between cuts can put excess wear and tear on your lawn mower and will give weeds a chance to seed. Cutting your lawn too short is not good for your lawn and won’t save you a week of mowing! Use organic fertilisers on your lawn. Putting synthetic products, like weed and feed, on your lawn will provide short term benefits but is not good for your soil long term. Look after your soil now and your lawn will thank you for years to come 🙂