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Managing Weeds

Managing Weeds weeds in lawn

Managing Weeds in your Lawn Weeds can get out of control pretty quickly. If the grass is suffering due to lack of rain, the weeds will thrive. Add in a nice rain event on dry ground and it’s weed heaven. Disturbing the soil will also ‘wake up’ those dormant weeds that can live in the […]

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Lawn

Lawn Maintenance Keep your lawn healthy all year round. Always weed by hand where you can. Mowing helps to contain weeds and stop them from going to seed. If you have a larger area and you can’t control without spray, choose something organic if possible and spot spray rather than spraying your whole lawn. Remember […]

Check your pool fence and gate latches

Check your pool fence and gate latches Pool Paving

Goodbye Winter – hello Summer! Queensland weather can mean long hot days or floods and anything in-between. This can cause the soil and therefore your pool fence to move. Check your gate latches to ensure they latch securely. Keep your pool safe for the kids and give us a call if you have any Pool […]

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