Weeds in lawn

Queensland weather is great (although some of those really hot days that drag on and on can get a bit much!). Unfortunately the weeds love it too, which makes managing weeds in your yard seem impossible.

Weed seeds can stay dormant in soil for years, which means one spray isn’t going to get rid of your weeds permanently. Weed seeds can also blow into your property from neighbouring properties.  Disturbing soil can also bring up weeds that you’ve never seen, many people think the weeds were bought in by the landscaping yard, but 99% of the time, they were lying dormant just waiting for the right time to show themselves!  Nut grass is good for this. We have several areas at home with nut grass where we have disturbed the top soil.

To keep spraying to a minimum:

  • Try to get rid of weeds prior to them flowering/ seeding.
  • Put flowering or seeding weeds in the garbage bin, not in the compost.
  • For your lawns, have a regular mowing schedule (this will also help look after your mower).
  • Hand weed where possible.
  • Plant ground covers in areas where it’s too hard to get to with the mower.
  • Whipper snip around tanks, fence lines, etc.
  • Heavy mulching is great for your non lawn areas. Plenty of cardboard or newspaper, topped with bark chips.


Managing Weeds