Managing Weeds in your Lawn

Weeds can get out of control pretty quickly. If the grass is suffering due to lack of rain, the weeds will thrive. Add in a nice rain event on dry ground and it’s weed heaven.

weeds in lawn

Disturbing the soil will also ‘wake up’ those dormant weeds that can live in the soil for a long time, up to 20 years for some weeds. At our place, as soon as we disturb the soil the nut grass goes crazy. Are they weeds that you need to remove? I love seeing dandelions in my lawn (yes you can eat the flowers and leaves, much better than spraying). Stinging Nettles are really good for you, pick and make a tea. clover (while not a weed, a lot of people want to spray it out), will add nitrogen to your soil and the bees will love the flowers. Always weed by hand where you can.

Mowing helps to contain weeds and stop them from going to seed. If they haven’t gone to seed you can mow without your catcher, if they’ve gone to seed, I’d use a catcher so that you don’t spread the seeds around.

If you have a larger area and you can’t control without spray, choose something organic if possible and spot spray rather than spraying your whole lawn. Remember that killing weeds with chemicals is also going to affect everything else that lives in your soil. If you are going to spray the whole lawn, you’ll need a selective weed spray to kill the weeds and broadleaf grasses and not kill the lawn. Before spraying, make sure your grass isn’t a broadleaf variety.

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